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    The first thing you'll need to do is force the Lync Client to immediately download the address book. To do so, you'll need a registry key on the. A: Lync clients will randomly download the address book update; however, you can force the update by using the following process: 1. Set the Lync client initial. Hi to all I have skype for bussiness deployed in my environment. I tried to force address book download using the following link with no success.

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    Force Lync Client Immediately Address Book

    You can follow the steps below to download the address book: 1. Exit the Lync client. (Check in Task Manager and end 2. While there is a Group Policy Template for Lync clients that allows So, how can force clients to download/synchronize Address Book as soon .. once user logs in, he/she should be able to search for contacts instantly. Skype for Business client – force address book download. y0av Lync You're address book will be immediately downloaded to your client.

    It was an interesting problem too, and I like interesting problems. Well, there were really two issues, but I had a hunch they were related. These issues being: Lync Client showing wrong name for a user When searching for a user in the address book, the user is located but the wrong name is displayed. Odd hey? Please try again. See below for an example. After finally getting time to investigate this today, the problem was relatively quick to nail down. The people that were having issues with the wrong name displayed had inherited email addresses from ex-employees. What about the search?

    Outlook must be configured for cached Exchange Mode this is the default configuration for Exchange Online. Outlook and Lync must be on the same version ex: Lync and Outlook Crossing versions is not supported and will not work ex: Lync and Outlook The rest of this article explains why.

    Skype for Business Known Problems and Workarounds

    Therefore, when Lync Online is formatting its EWS query, it appears to exclude external contacts and only include licensed Lync Online users.

    The only Lync client that can search and find external contacts is the Lync client for Windows when installed on a computer with Outlook configured for cached mode, with a local copy of the Offline Address Book.

    Note: When troubleshooting, remember that the OAB does not download immediately after a fresh Outlook profile is created, so it can take some time before external contacts will appear see below for more information on how to check for this.

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    This is the opposite behavior of the Lync on-premises Server. Instead, Lync Online clients that want to lookup a contact will perform a web services query in two parts.

    The first query depends on whether an EWS connection is available and established note: this requires the Exchange autodiscover record to be correctly configured to point to Exchange Online.

    Then, Lync Online is also configured to query the local Outlook via a MAPI connection to the local Outlook profile installed on the same local workstation that Lync is installed on, and it passes the query to Exchange on behalf of Lync.

    How can I force my Lync clients to update | IT Pro

    Again, cached mode is required. Lync Online can only query external contacts in the GAL when the local Outlook client is configured for cached mode. Additionally, the SIP address of the user performing the search should match their email address otherwise the EWS and MAPI connection will fail and the user may receive authentication prompts. Also keep in mind that any updates to external contacts in the GAL will not be visible in Lync until the next time the Offline Address Book OAB is downloaded by the Outlook client approximately once per day.

    So yes, all of the stars must align in order for the Lync client to search for external contacts. I also found that some of the proxy addresses used were duplicate - that is more than one user owned the Email address. I fixed that fairly quickly as it looked like an administrative mistake.

    So how did I fix the issues with the Address Book? Quite simply really. For full documentation for the resource kit refer to Lync Resource Kit Documentation.

    Q: How can I force my Lync clients to update their address book?

    Install the resource kit, and fire up the ABSConfig tool on your Front End server that is running the address book service. Next, fire up the Lync Server Management Shell.

    To do this, type: Update-csuserdatabase -verbose This will take a little while to run. Watch for a event denoting that the process has finished.

    Next, we need to regenerate the address book. To run the regeneration, use the command update-CSAddressbook as shown below: Again this can take a little while. Job done. You can control the behavior of the address book downloads - see the below to control the download processes: Force download the address book in OCS Note above is applicable to the Lync client. What I tend to do on my client to test issues with the address book is to delete my local GalContacts.

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